Infinite Quest of the Absolute.

01 l eveil h

 Intense eyes that match the transparency of skies, the crystal waters, clear, glowing silhouettes that share the incandescent brilliance of petals, this hymn subtle and dense light projected on deep black, fertile canvas of life both timeless and delicate beauty which appears in pure form.

Floral arrangements ahead as organized mirror landscapes naturally and divinely harmonious whose allegorical and pastoral symphony Diversity joined the fluorescent bouquets flamboyant.

Born in the same crucible, the innate talent of the artist, portraits, nudes, landscapes and bouquets merge in the same definition fair lines, harmonious colors and shades.

The range of Baroque "Golden Age" Dutch through the centuries to breathe that never extinguished painting technique. She travels and forages time in an alliance sublimated assertive tradition and creative modernity.03   Les Oiseaux p

The evocative power, interrogative, soothing, sometimes saving eye qu'accompagnent intelligence fronts, voluptuous lips and elegant shapes emerge sensory extreme fervor force, a spontaneous emotional dialogue.

Constantly renewed aspiration to beauty, expressed in human matrices, landscape or flora composed resolutely work in a hedonistic, sometimes serene and mysterious universe, a universe that ignores the changes degrading, abject violence an Earth on fire, and weaknesses, spasms souls flickering. This constant harmony and balance transcends oil and brush and is a great appeal to the sublimation of Being.

The "Beautiful", based on the incredibly accurate and exaltation of light and shadows, colors and the natural order said the world could achieve absolute perfection if only positive and inexhaustible resources of the Spirit combined with the Art had presided over his fate.

A work which by its meaning and profound messages should be amplified and fulfilled in its fullness, as it already shows the direction that infinite Quest of the Absolute that lies dormant in all of us, the path to our "Garden of 'Eden' most intimate.